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Posted June 25, 2003
Mathias' Engineer Gets Permit to Dredge and Fill Wetland:
U.S. Corps of Engineers Approves

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Little Rock District Office on July 19, 2003, approved the plan of EB Landworks Inc. of Fayetteville (the engineering firm planning to build 36 apartments in three buildings for developer James Mathias) to place dredge and fill material in 0.2 acres of wetland associated with the development of apartment complexes on 2.46 acres of property west of 1101, 1121 and 1131 South Duncan Ave. in Fayetteville.
According to the survey information presented to the corps, the project is in the NW 1/4 of section 21, T. 16 N., R. 30 W., Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas.

"The proposed activity is authorized by Department of the Army Nationwide Permit (NWP) No. 39, provided that the special conditions therein are met.

"Special Conditions:

1. To mitigate for impacting 0.20 acres of herbaceous wetlands as a result of constructing apartment complexes, you shall preserve and enhance 0.09 acres of existing wetlands and create 0.06 acres of wetlands for a total of 0.15 acres of wetlands within a constructed detention basin. The 0.15-acre wetland shall be enhanced with aquatic vegetation and the installation of wildlife nesting boxes for habitat improvement.
Additionally, the stormwater vegetated swale to the west of the project shall be enhanced by dressing the swale with onsite hydric soils and native seed sources. Wildlife habitat around the detention area and swale shall be enhanced by planting various native trees and shrub species. The wetland area within the basin and swale may not be converted to another use, including but not limited to clearing, spraying with herbicides, filling, leveling, draining, dumping, construction of any structure or any other activity that would adversely impact the natural state of the area without obtaining a revision of the Department of the Army permit. Proposed resource management activities involving alteration of the mitigation site must have prior approval from the Little Rock District Corps of Engineers.

2. You shall implement appropriate erosion control methods during construction of the apartment complexes and detenton area to prevenet erosion into adjacent waters and property. In order to prevent the accumulation of silt or sediment in the existing wetlands, silt fences or other appropriate erosion or siltation controls shall be used during construction.
You should become familiar with the conditions and maintain a copy of the permit at the worksite for ready reference. If changes are proposed in the design or location of the facilities, you should submit revised plans to this office for approval before construction of the change begins.
Please refer to NWP Condition No. 3, which stipulates that appropriate erosion and siltation controls be used during construction and all exposed soil be permanently stabilized. Erosion control measures must be implemented during and after construction of the proposed project to comply with this permit condition."

Tim Scott
Project Manager
Planning, Environmental and Regulatory Division
Regulatory Branch
U.S. Corps of Engineers


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