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> Aubrey's Notebook and Related News Stories

Background on proposed large-scale development in the neighborhood and the habitat it threatens. . .

Aubrey's Notebook: Posted 3/5/03
They're coming
"Some people are looking at the place next door. They are just leaving." Lauren had walked in the door talking. I ran outside quickly. . . >MORE

Posted 3/17/03
Town Branch Watershed Worthy Of Protection Controlling storm-water runoff, reducing pollution, and protecting wetland and timber all must be addressed as a unit >MORE

Wetland Prairie: Posted 3/30/03
Mathias' Apartments Developer
Granted Extra Year on Permit

Views of the 2-acre wetland prairie in the Town Branch basin slated to be dredged and filled to allow construction of three apartment buildings holding 36 apartments >MORE PHOTOS

On April 3, 2003, the Fayetteville subdivision committee tabled this matter for review at a second meeting before allowing it to continue to the planning commission. Consideration of street, sewer and water-line problems and the possibility of a small neighborhood park were among the matters requiring further review. >MORE

Draft of Minutes from the April 3 Subdivision-Committee Meeting at Fayetteville city hall

Aubrey's Notebook: May 6, 2003
Development Passes at May 27 Meeting: S. Duncan Ave. Apartments OK with Planning Commission

May 19, 2003
Mathias' Engineer Gets Permit to Dredge and Fill Wetland:
U.S. Corps of Engineers Approves

Aubrey's Notebook: June 7, 2003
Surveyors Surprise Sullins With Sewer
Line would take out neighbor's trees

NWA Times takes notice: Sunday, June 8, 2003
Residents work to improve quality of creek
By Susannah Patton, Northwest Arkansas Times

A June 2003 view of the 2-acre wetland prairie in the Town Branch basin slated to be dredged and filled to allow construction of three apartment buildings holding 36 apartments >MORE PHOTOS

Audubon Arkansas and the AGFC Stream Team
combined to sponsor a very successful
Town Branch Creek Clinic
Oct. 25, 2003

>PHOTOS in the creek
>PHOTOS of grasses

Tree, Trail Task Force Tours Wetland Prairie:
Considering Purchase For Preservation
BY Sarah Terry, Northwest Arkansas Times

Meeting Kicks Off Effort To Improve West Fork
Landowners, Agencies To Work Together To Improve Stream
By Flip Putthoff, The Morning News

Posted 2/7/04
Panel Continues to Seek Property for Preservation
Tree, Trail Task Force Recommends Purchase To Mayor
By Sarah Terry, The Morning News

>For MORE see The Neighborhood section here

Fay Jones, 83, Architect Influenced by Wright, Dies

Posted September, 2004

An Afternoon with Fay Jones,
August 19, 2004 photo essay

Aubrey's Notebook:
Concerns about potential development of Town Branch Basin Town Branch basin has a storied history with the Trail of Tears and the Butterfield Stage Coach Road running through and across it. March 30, 2003 >MORE

Keep it real Posted 2/18/03
Why buy a 100-year-old house to which indoor plumbing and electricity were added as afterthoughts? >MORE

Public needs every acre it owns and more!
FAYETTEVILLE -- Selling off public land has shown itself to be a bad practice, whether the act is committed by local, state or federal officials. >MORE

Greathouse Park Deserves Careful Handling
They held their meeting in the shade near the trunk of a huge tree whose destruction they voted to authorize. >MORE

Favorites from Aubrey's files —

Aubrey's Notebook:
For the Oaks

Conservation lessons still unlearned
First printed 10/31/97
The privilege of writing a column to be published on one's birthday is no small gift.

Garage sales
All the debate about where to build new landfills in Northwest Arkansas makes it apparent that area residents need to concern themselves with reducing the amount of solid waste they produce.

Kids, Dogs Deserve Protection
An ambulance had passed going double the speed limit only moments earlier, causing me to wonder who was ill or injured.

Crummy Shoes A Nightmare
Sometimes a crumbling dream can be like walking through a field of day-old doughnuts.


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