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Dr. Ernest (Ed) Green and Egg share an island in backwater of the White River near Georgetown, Ark., with mallards overhead.

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Favorites from the files —  

Lowly green sunfish
can save a trip

Ultra-light spinning tackle, fly rod or cane pole all perfect for taking rice-field slicks

Best opinions survive tough tests of time
Outdoor writers love to share opinions. Our columns are full of personal preferences in equipment, technique and location. . .

Old Duck Hunts Still Best Shivering so hard his teeth chattered, the sub-teen boy kept his face down, his cold hands on the barrel of the shotgun . . .

Dipper, Full Moon Evoke Memories
The full moon hadn't risen high enough to outshine the stars when I drove north out of El Dorado.

Cool, Clear Day Great for Winter Fishing
Cool and clear is not the best weather report for a Sunday morning fishing trip. . .

Dark-Roast Coffee Great in Outdoorsman's Thermos
Coffee, the stuff that gets a great many people going. . .

Arkansas Fishing a Fall Feast
Shallow or deep? Dingy water or clear? Close to cover or out in the open.

Exercise to Survive Hunting Season
Right in the middle of the hunting season, it might sound strange to worry about getting enough exercise.

Sharing Outdoor Experience Good for Clinton
Arkansas duck hunters and foes of gun control expressed pleasure at seeing. . .

White Halloween a Special Birthday Treat
Writing a column on my birthday always means writing a column on Halloween. Pretty strange, sometimes.

El Nino duck season frustrating
to some but not a washout
STUTTGART — Mallards and wood ducks came sailing into Wayne Hampton's favorite flooded timber 30 minutes before sunrise.

Caney Lake Offered Great Action Long Before Big Bass were Stocked
Caney Lake was one of my favorite late-summer fishing spots in the 1950s.

Mountain Morning Mallards Magical
It was always the beauty.

Teal Season Important
The cool weather Saturday morning found me frustrated by the lack of water in what in past years was a perfect spot for teal hunting.

Quiet Spots Good Spots for Duck-Hunting Mornings
Some people might not consider it a good site for hunting ducks.


Even people who dislike deer season need to understand its importance
Having grown up when deer were scarce makes it easy to appreciate them. . .

Winter Time to Supplement Wildlife Food
With one of the snowiest weeks imaginable in Arkansas behind us. . .

Christmas outdoor gift
A lot of outdoor writers prepare an annual Christmas-shopping column. . .


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