Unidentified or Uncertain of Identity

Summer plants on wetland near Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
These are views present on mounded moist-soil prairie that drains into Town Branch.

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  Ladies' Tresses Carl Hunter
has identified as:

Ladies' Tresses

  Carl Hunter
has identified as:

Hedge Bindweed
Hedge Bindweed  

Any ideas?
  Winged Loosesetrife
  Carl Hunter has identified as:
Winged Loosestrife

Native plants are plentiful

  Many people have commented on the diverse plant life on the acreage, including wildflowers all over and large trees on the periphery and smaller, typical water-tolerant trees in the drainage that runs from north to south in the center of the parcel. The diverse vegetation, especially the understory vegetation in the central drainage, provides excellent spring and early summer nesting sites for numerous species of song birds. In fall, winter and spring, many migrating species visit the area because of the wide variety of seeds that remain on the land all year long.
    Photos by Aubrey Shepherd and Lauren Hawkins, 6-7/03
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Many thanks to Carl Hunter
and his widely known, authoritative books "Trees of Arkansas" and "Wildflowers of Arkansas" and their invaluable help identifying these plants.