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Archives on the issues and process of the Town Branch Neighborhood Association's negotiations with the developer, state and city officials and public and the creation of Fayetteville's World Peace Wetland Prairie:

Posted 4/22/05
EARTH DAY 2005!!!

Fayetteville World Peace Wetland Prairie Fund Raising Successful
Tyson, Omni Center Donations Complete The Effort >MORE

Thanks to the many who helped.
Let the manual labor and fun begin!
Plans and efforts for cleanup and restoration are under way.
Please contact us to get involved!

First printed April 23, 2005
Neighbors Raise Money To Preserve Local Wetland
By Sarah Terry, The Morning News

First printed April 23, 2005
Mission accomplished
By Adam Wallworth, Northwest Arkansas Times

First posted April 22, 2005
Tyson Donates $25,000 to Wetland Project
Tyson Foods Press Release


Posted 4/8/05
Funding Still Short For Wetland Prairie

Posted 3/2/05
Group trying to save, preserve wetland property
Trish Hollenbeck, Northwest Arkansas Times
This small piece of Eden in south Fayetteville. . .>MORE

Posted 9/22/04
City splits money for wetland, woodland
By Sarah Terry, The Morning News

Posted 9/16/04
City Council to address purchase of wetland
By Adam Wallworth, Northwest Arkansas Times

Posted 9/16/04
Trail Task Force tells Coody to buy land on S. Duncan Avenue
By Adam Wallworth, Northwest Arkansas Times

Posted 9/8/04
Aubrey's Notebook:
Council votes to support tree, trail task force

Motion passes to amend plan, split money to purchase two environmentally sensitive areas before issue tabled

Posted 9/4/04
City Council Visits Wetland: Aldermen support purchase of two environmentally sensitive tracts
By Adam Wallworth, Northwest Arkansas Times

Posted 8/29/04
Mayor's Request Would Have Council Ignore Task Force Report
Recommends Putting All Tree, Trail Money Into One Purchase

Posted 3/21/04
Town Branch Neighborhood Needs Help To Save Wetland Prairie

On April 3, 2003, the Fayetteville subdivision committee tabled this matter for review at a second meeting before allowing it to continue to the planning commission. Consideration of street, sewer and water-line problems and the possibility of a small neighborhood park were among the matters requiring further review. >MORE

Posted 3/30/03
Mathias' Apartments Developer
Granted Extra Year on Permit

Views of the 2-acre wetland prairie in the Town Branch basin slated to be dredged and filled to allow construction of three apartment buildings holding 36 apartments>MORE PHOTOS

Posted 3/17/03
Town Branch Watershed Worthy Of Protection Controlling storm-water runoff, reducing pollution, and protecting wetland and timber all must be addressed as a unit >MORE

Aubrey's Notebook:
Posted 3/5/03

They're coming
"Some people are looking at the place next door. They are just leaving." Lauren had walked in the door talking. I ran outside quickly. . . >MORE




Stalking the wild asparagus and other plant views present in this wetland area in summer.
Ozark burrowing crayfish
are common in this wetland area.

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